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CITs have a unique role at camp – they’re no longer campers, but yet still part of the fun camp vibe. CITs will be role models for our 

younger campers & helping hands for our staff. C.I.T do not create or make their own art, only help & inspire the younger campers. 

This program requires an application. Limited spots available. Duties include but are not limited to:

  • Supervision of campers throughout the duration of the day. 
  • Help facilitate games and play during break times.
  • Encourage campers to join in activities and have fun.
  • Assisting teaching-artist with class activates.
  • Help set up and cleanup classrooms.
  • Assist in distribution of supplies.
  •  Help campers when they need individual assistance (cutting, drawing, sewing, etc.).
Please have applicant fill out form. Email completed application to: [email protected]

APPLICATION DEADLINE: March 10. We will notify you by April 30 application status

REQUIREMENT: Enthusiastic about art, enjoys working with youth, previous Splat camper

AGES: 14-15   

APPLICATION WILL BE AVAILABLE SOON. Thank you for your patience.